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Write for Us!

Hello and welcome to Daisy the Dinosaur! In case we weren’t clear enough, we are a website that is dedicated to the topic of technology. We aim to provide a pretty good service by giving our readers a better understanding of the latest technological marvels and how to utilize them properly.

It is our goal to help people who have difficulty with using and understanding the technological advancements that we have been experiencing in the last few decades. As you may realize, this gives us a lot of things to discuss and the content load is rather crazy. This is why we are looking for more people to join our happy writing team.

Here are a few qualifications that we look for:

Blogging Experience

Our articles are anything but formal. We would love to have writers that are able to express their thoughts in a friendly and cordial manner. We write our articles in a highly conversational tone—a tone that is normally used for blogs.

Plagiarism Software

We need content that is completely unique. In order to make sure that the content is completely original, we require that our writers have access to their own plagiarism checking software.

If you think that you would like to join our writing crew, please let our site head know. You can reach us at 302 383 6916. We really look forward to getting to know you! Help us help people conquer their misgivings about the latest technology with the power of your words.