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Useful Resources

Hello and welcome to Daisy the Dinosaur! We’re glad that you’re here with us today. As you may know, we are a site that is dedicated to the discourse of technology. Our particular creed is to provide our readers with information that would allow them to better utilize and keep abreast of technology.

In the world of today, it can be quite easy to feel like you’re a dinosaur in a brand new digital age. This is something that we understand quite intimately. This is why we endeavored to find reliable sources that we can check back on every now and then in order to refresh our knowledge on the fast paced world of technology.

This is the same source that we share with you today. We hope that you can use it as well!

CNN Tech

This particular website always updates on the latest news on technology. If you’ve ever wanted to keep track on the latest forms of technology, this would be a good site to pay attention to. They offer a lot of facts that you can latch on to for further reading. Pick up the newest buzzwords in the world of technology here.

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If you’ve got any resources that you make use of to learn more about technology and you feel that others can learn from them as well, share them with us! You can reach us at 302 383 6916. Help us create a better resource for anyone who is looking to understand technology better.