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Technology and Kids: Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Youngsters

The age of technology brought about some pretty great things. On the flipside, it also brought about new dangers that many parents were unprepared for. The age of technology and gadgets brought about connectivity and accessibility like never before possible. Back to around two decades before, adults could easily screen who our children come into contact with.

In today’s world, everything is so much harder. They could be getting contacted by complete strangers and you may not even realize it. It is why it would be highly prudent to have some very clear safety tips for them to follow. Here are a few that you can start them with:

Settings to Private

In the land of social media, visibility is one of the biggest draws. People can make accounts and keep it so that anyone who types in their name or sees them as a recommended person can look into their accounts.

In order to secure the information of any youngsters using social media and gadgets, it would be important to make sure that all of their accounts are set to private. This means that only the people that they manually add to their friend list will be able to see what they share.

Never Share Personal Information

This is one of the strictest rules that everyone—not just kids—should actively follow. When in a conversation with anyone that you do not personally know, it would be wise to be very mum on your personal details.

Scammers and people who are aiming to do bad things are very nosy about personal information. They will try to find out your full name, where you live, who lives in your house, the names of your immediate relatives, what they do for work, etc. Kids are veritable goldmines of information. This is why adults need to make it quite plain that they should be sharing that information with other people.


This is something that should be cultivated from a very young age. Adults need to raise youngsters who are comfortable enough to be transparent with them. Transparency is important whenever the kid gets an odd or inappropriate message.

A lot of the time, adults do not know what is going on until it’s too late. Having transparency between a child and an adult can mean that the child will be comfortable to share the information that someone has been messaging them.

Going Forward

It is always important to be clear about what consequences exist whenever safety tips are ignored. Have a clear and calm discussion with your youngsters—they are astute enough to understand when something is serious. A lot of parents tend to treat their kids like they’re made of glass and should be completely shielded from the evils of the world. This is a great way to make sure that those kids are set up for failure.

It is when children are brought up with transparency and effective communication that everyone is at a better place. Do you have youngsters in your life? What safety tips do they follow?

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