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Smartphone Newbies: 3 Phone Features That Really Count

You can hardly go anywhere without seeing someone using the latest smartphone model being used. Big companies tend to churn out newer models at a seemingly impossible rate that it’s been troublesome to keep up with features.

In light of that, we wanted to bring a spotlight on smartphone features that we feel are really important. In most cases, there has been a lot of emphasis on the strength of the camera or the processing speed. When you’re past a certain age, there are only a few things that you really need your smartphone to be capable of:


The size of the memory of the smartphone is always important. What a lot of people do not consider is the fact that the Operating System (OS) of the phone you’re buying is going to take a chunk out of the overall memory.

If you’re planning on using your phone as something that can help you keep track of finances or tasks, you will need suitable space for all the apps that you will be using.

Battery Life

For anyone who will be using their smartphone for work, play, or simply to stay in touch, battery life is VERY important. There are phones out there that have the battery life that claim to last for hours but they don’t exactly account for active use.


It simply makes no sense to spend hundreds of dollars on a smartphone which will shatter the moment that you drop it accidentally. When you look at a smartphone, you go with the brands and the models that were made to be tough. Don’t let the colors or cute exteriors fool you.

Going Forward

There are a lot of different features that they try to push as if it’s something that you simply cannot live without. This is why it is important to be discerning about the technology that you prioritize and how they help you through an extended period of time. After all, smartphones are an investment and you should have a solid idea of what you expect to use it for.

What particular smartphone features do you think count? Which ones do you value in particular?

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