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About Daisy the Dinosaur

a1 - About Daisy the DinosaurTechnology has always played a huge part in the lives of man. Each new marvel which has allowed us to streamline our processes and improve our quality of living can be directly attributed to technology. The speed in which our technology has improved hasn’t been this fast in well…ever.

We went from using landlines and snail mail to emails and cell phones in a span of a whole decade—even less. So it was only natural that there are those among us that have some trouble with keeping up with the latest trends in technology—all of us here included.

Hello and welcome to Daisy the Dinosaur! We are a site that is dedicated to the discussion of technology. We discuss technology from the angle of those that have had trouble understanding the many different facets that is applied in today’s technological marvels. We will be discussing phones, computers, and the many different other topics that we deem pertinent for today’s digital world.

We endeavor to discuss questions that most people are hesitant to ask about technology. We also aim to provide information that would greatly benefit anyone who has been struggling with keeping up with the times. Let’s all conquer puzzling technology together!